Multicopter HORUS®

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The idea to develop a remote-controlled drone for the acquisition of measurement data and photo images in difficult-to-access areas emerged in 2010.

In order to cover the extensive range of possible applications, an innovative approach was required, allowing to operate the drone without time-consuming construction modifications. 

The solution is a »flying paper clip«, compact with a high payload, fulfilling a wide variety of measurement tasks.

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HORUS® 2.0 now available from Airclip


HORUS® helps with disaster management


Thermography of the TU Dresden premises


Excavation FG 285 in Freiberg



Information on HORUS®

  • HORUS® 1.0
  • HORUS® 2.0


  • Photography 
  • Infrared
  • Measurement
  • Traffic Count
  • Documentation...